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Welcome to The Butterfly Journal, where we celebrate neurodiversity and art! On September 20, 2023, Boundless Arts Foundation and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra hosted 'All Without Words: The Live Experience' to a sold-out audience. This passion project turned into an enormous success thanks to your incredible support. Bravo!

The show must go on, and soon, we will be sharing exciting information about new 'All Without Words' releases, including the documentary release date, the 'AWW Live' album recording, special offers, and digital events. We also invite you to check out some post-event consumer feedback. Do you agree with their thoughts? Feel free to share your feedback and thoughts with us. Your input is invaluable to us!

Show-Goer Reactions

What Did the Audience Think?


What It Was Like at
All Without Words Live


Written by Kristen Petronio

One of my favorite parts of the event was getting a chance to see Justin Morell’s family react to everything. It was an emotional concert for the family...

22 Minutes With John Daversa
and Justin Morell


Join us for a captivating 22-minute Q&A with musical maestros John Daversa and Justin Morell as they iron out pre-show jitters, discuss composition and recording process, live event production, working with CSO, and more... 

Play the Studio Album

Trumpet master JOHN DAVERSA is releasing his newest CD, ALL WITHOUT WORDS: Variations Inspired by Loren, a lush, orchestral jazz trumpet concerto composed by his lifelong friend and collaborator JUSTIN MORELL.

Digital Program

Meet the cast, learn more about the live event sponsors, and relive the journey by reading more about the inspiration behind each variation of the composition.

"Variation Six: 'Walking in Our Own Footsteps: The Circle Game': The sixth variation is all about the way that Loren learns about the world. With his learning challenges, to accomplish something, it must be repeated over and over until it becomes a habit. Following the same techniques each day..."


Download the PDF


"THREE ROADS DIVERGED" Exclusive Music Video

Enjoy “Three Roads Diverged” - Selected artists on the autism spectrum were commissioned to create paintings inspired by each song variation from the All Without Words Live music program. In this clip we celebrate the artistry of Brandon Drucker who has a beautiful collection of pieces at

Meet the Artists and Their Art

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