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In This Issue:


Welcome to The Butterfly Journal – a celebration of neurodiversity, art, and perseverance! We are devoted to sharing the Morell story via the forthcoming All Without Words documentary and All Without Words Live Symphonic Theatrical performance.

In this issue, we share an update from Justin Morell about a new stage of his son Loren's life and the corresponding mix of emotions he and his wife are left with; a new music video world premiere; unreleased AWW Live photos; a new podcast by multi-Grammy Winner & AWW contributor John Daversa and special guest musician & composer Jihye Lee; and brand-new music by John Daversa and Tal Cohen!

Enjoy the read. Please feel free to “talk to us” by submitting feedback at the bottom of the journal.

Life Update
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What's New with Loren: A Life Update

A quick update from the Morell/Taggart family per Justin Morell: 


"This past summer and fall have been a whirlwind.  As of August, 2023, Loren has been living at a residential facility outside of Philadelphia.  This has been both helpful and very difficult for all of us.  The people at the residence and his new school are very kind and Loren seems to like them very much.  They are able to help monitor his medications and keep him safe.  But we also do miss having Loren at home.  We felt fortunate that during this challenging transition, we were able to share in all the positive energy around the premiere of All Without Words Live.  


Still, it’s very hard for Jennifer and I to be away from Loren and wonder how he feels in this new environment, especially because he can’t tell us whether he is comfortable or scared.  We visit him often and bring him home for weekends when we can.  We want Loren to be able to come home and are still on a wait list for services that can be done in our house, but we still do not know when this might happen.  Meanwhile, we are working to make modifications to our house so that Loren has more of his own living space.  He is now 19 years old, which makes him an adult, and we want him to have something of his own home like any adult might want.  All of this, like everything in our lives, is a work in progress."


"Seeing It Again for the First Time" Music Video

Experience the beauty and art of "Seeing It Again for the First Time" featuring artist Elina Silva with music performance by John Daversa (Trumpet), David Chiverton (Drums), and Tal Cohen (Piano). This song is about understanding the day-to-day changes of raising an autistic child and approaching each day with fresh eyes.

Life Through Music:
The John Daversa Podcast

Join John Daversa as he explores music values, intentions, and inspirations with Jihye Lee - a new and refreshing composer, arranger, and conductor making waves in New York City as an idiosyncratic musical storyteller. 

Podcast Feature

Exclusive Photos from All Without Words Live!

All photos © Boundless Arts Foundation 2024.

Music to Stream

Listen to the newly released single by John Daversa and Tal Cohen, plus the original full-length studio recording of All Without Words.

NEW! John Daversa partners with Tal Cohen (Piano) on “Key West 1984.” Tal is a vital musician from the All Without Words project, contributing to the album, documentary and AWW Live.

Stream the original full-length album ALL WITHOUT WORDS: Variations Inspired by Loren, a lush, orchestral jazz trumpet concerto featuring trumpet soloist John Daversa and composer Justin Morell. 

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